Long Island Home Study GED

Now how can you find free online Long Island Home Study GED courses that will get you all set to successfully take New York State’s High School Equivalency test TASC (formerly GED)? Since January 2014, New York uses the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) for this purpose.

The diploma that is awarded upon successfully passing the TASC exam allows for a college education. To get ready for the exam, you can use free online classes at BestGEDClasses.org.

Take a look at this video about an adult learner who passed the TASC exam after she studied online at the MMS Community Library in Shirley, New York.

In New York, there is no fee to take the TASC exam. The state picks up the tab for TASC testing which (understandably) is only available to state residents. The exam includes five testing sections: Writing, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics.

The exam is available in a paper-based (PBT) format as well as on a computer (CBT) format. There is no online option for TASC testing which must be done at state-designated testing centers.

Taking An Online Course Can Benefit You

A lot of people are now taking up online college courses to help with their master’s or bachelor’s degree. Proof of the way the Internet is changing education is that many universities offer their courses on the Web. The following are just some of the benefits you will receive.

There are so many free resources available over the Internet and if you would like to study for free while at the same time enjoy the benefit of a top international academic education, check out the following video. There are more options than the ones offered by LIB. Just take a look.

Getting your education through Distance Learning has become a reality and it is far cheaper than studying abroad or at an expensive college as all is done online. There are also many scholarships offered for online degrees.

Why Take a Course on the Web?

Some people take these courses because they want a career boost or change. For many, completion of these studies will be the key to getting a promotion or a higher paying job. Other students take these just to enhance their knowledge.

The Impact of Online Education

The decision to take an online class or a traditional class depends on the person deciding, what it is they expect to get from a class and the type of environment they need to be successful. If you are a student that needs constant instruction and the cracking of the whip from your professor, an online class may not be for you.

The impact of online education is more relevant for the independent student who just needs to be given an outline of the course with the assignments and their due dates to be successful.

The effectiveness of the online class will also depend highly on the type of student that is considering taking an online class. If you prefer a one on one encounter with your teacher and your peers, you may feel isolated while taking an online class.

This may cause you to become bored and in turn not give your all to your class. Or you may find yourself just doing the assignments for the sake of getting them done and getting a good grade and not retain any of the information.

Want To Earn A History Degree Online?

Earning a history degree is just a step upward to bigger and better things. The skills acquired during the acquisition of a history degree are so varied that you can get a range of jobs in several different fields.

You can also learn further to get specialized in niche professions like advertising executives, marketing analysts, archeologists, library archivists, broadcasters, consultants, etc. The sky is the limit! This Oxford University Press video gives you lots of advice as well:

Are you wondering exactly how to get your history degree? You might already be working in a related profession but unless you back up your work experience with a degree, there are very slim chances of a promotion and a salary hike. Studying for an undergraduate history degree is really easy as you can try studying at a college full time or part-time.

\But the best alternative for all mature students is to take up an online course that will help you to finish your studies while you work part-time. The beauty of doing a history degree is that it actually allows you considerable leeway to join nearly any profession you could wish for.

CNA Online Classes

Have you been thinking about becoming a CNA but just do not have enough extra personal time in your life to attend one of the many classes available. If so, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several online CNA courses which can help you attain your career goals at your own pace and convenience.

See also this interesting video about Certified Nursing Assistant Skills. This video is from CNA and CPR classes in Jacksonville, Florida, but your state might require slightly different skills so get well informed:

Please note that the video only shows a small segment of required Florida CNA Clinical Skills. If you want to see the entire Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) exam prep video or think about completing the online CNA Study program from Florida Training Academy, please go to www.FLtraining.com. The course costs just $49 and you’ll have access to their website for a full 90 days.

CNAs provide care for many kinds of patients in the health field. They work under the supervision of a qualified registered nurse who devises a plan of care which you’ll follow for each patient.

Online Education: For Students Who Can Study Independently

Imagine a classroom brings a picture of a four-walled edifice in front of you with several students in a similar uniform and a teacher on his chair holding a stick in hand. Weird, isn’t it? But times have changed and so has the picture of a classroom.

Traditional campus classrooms still exhibit the same portrait, while the virtual classrooms do not. The online education or distance mode of educating individuals signifies virtual learning arrangements, where no teacher with a stick in hand is there to guide the learners.

A classroom without an instructor seems incomplete. But still, online education has been found to be quite effective, also for those who want to upgrade their education for a better future. Students feel safe to make mistakes and therefore more likely to stick to learning. It’s especially true for students who for some reasons, dropped out and have no chance to attend traditional schools.

The credit of making the entire process effectual completely goes to the career aspirants who sincerely go through the course materials and try to study independently with full dedication, as a result of which, they get their desired results.

Mind Mapping and Mind Mapping Software

Mind mapping is one of the best ways for visual learners to organize their notes and data into a format that is easier for them to review and to learn. Mind mapping can be done by hand, or through the use of a computer program. Obviously, using a computer program gives you a cleaner and more legible mind map but it is up to you; or use a blend of both.

You can make a mind map while taking notes or you can take notes and then go back and create a mind map after the fact; it depends on how fast you can write while your teacher is giving a lecture.

If you are making notes from written material, just start off making the mind map directly from your text since you can create it at a more leisurely pace. Most students who use mind mapping find it easier to take notes during a lecture and then create their mind map later on, especially when using a computer program to create a mind map with.

What makes mind mapping such a useful tool for learning? Visual learners do not learn by reading, they learn more by seeing how things are associated and linked together, which is what a mind map does. It begins with a central concept and then it expands from there, all linking back to the central idea.

Studying online – some tips

It is that time of year again where students must return to school, college, university and so on. This can be exciting, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. However, getting back into the habit of studying again can also be stressful and take some time to get used to. You should not feel like this though. Here are a few easy tips for studying online to help take out some of the anxiety and stress related to studying and school.

Firstly, you should know how to effectively utilize the internet to do research. You can find out things on online encyclopedias as well as wikis but this ought to merely be the kickoff point to research. Use these sites for a quick overview and any other inspiration.

You can then take this initial research and perform more detailed internet research for more specific areas of study. There is so much information available on the internet outside of the most popular resources.

Making use of college and university department websites is a fantastic way to locate accurate and up-to-date information. Many university sites supply materials that everyone can view. You can then use this information in your own research.

Why Earn A Degree Online?

The college credit you receive from online courses generally works the exact same as that from a physical classroom, so why go for online education over the traditional route?

Because online courses offer the types of benefits that a traditional classroom simply cannot match. From the flexibility to the money you could save, there’s a lot to like about getting an education online. Check out some more of the great benefits here:

  • Do you work a full-time job or have children? Chances are you won’t be able to attend school at a physical location, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take online courses. Taking your classes online allows for flexibility that you simply cannot get from a traditional classroom. You can work late into the night, early in the morning, or any time in-between without having to worry about meeting the rigid requirements of a physical class.

Online MIS Degree

IT managers seeking higher positions or additional knowledge often consider an online MIS degree, or Management Information Systems, as the best online IT degree to choose from.

Usually, when a computer professional, may he or she be dealing with IT, network design or programming, enters the industry, they begin working with a two-year associate degree in their discipline of choice. But once you’ve been in the industry for about two or three years at least, a bachelor’s degree would be ideal if you wish to move up the ladder. Combining advanced information technology methods with a strong foundation in business teaching, MIS is the best online degree for those who wish to move up in ranking.

Get The Best Of Both Worlds With MIS

If you wish to become a successful IT manager, two things are required – a very good understanding of IT itself and how it applies to computers, as well as being able to apply your IT knowledge to the business setting and maximize the business’ potential. And since you will be assigned an MIS team to work with, you should know how to work with them as well.